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Got questions? Check out our answers to common questions below, and if there's anything you're still not sure about please get in touch.

  • How are the monthly charges collected?

    We collect all monthly fees by Direct Debit using a system called GoCardless.  It may appear on your bank statement simply as 'GoCardless' rather than 'SIGMA' so please bear this in mind when thinking about cancelling it.

    You will receive an automated invoice on the 1st of each month, and the Direct Debit will be collected 3-5 working days later.  All transactions are covered by the Direct Debit guarantee.

  • How much notice do I have to give to cancel?

    We don't believe in tying you into lengthy contracts - we just need 30 days notice to cancel your agreement.

    However, if you're thinking of cancelling we would first like to understand why.  Please give us a call to discuss your options and to see if there is anything we can do to help.

    Please do not cancel your Direct Debit at any time without contacting us first, as this could adversely affect your company's credit rating.  We will cancel the Direct Debit for you once the notice period is over.

  • Are your payments secure?

    Absolutely!  All of our payments go through a third-party who use end-to-end encryption, and we don't store any of your debit or credit card details.  In addition, our website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to encrypt all our communications.

    At the payment stage of ordering you will notice there is https:// at the beginning of the address bar.  The 's' stands for 'secure', which means all data is encrypted.

  • Is my data secure?

    Data stored on our databases is encrypted, and all passwords are stored with irreversible encryption.  All of our servers are password protected using strong passwords.

    In the unlikely event that someone managed to get through our security your data would be useless to them, as they wouldn't be able to read it without the decryption key, and even with that, they still couldn't get your password.

  • How do I buy a website from you?

    We've made it super simple, and our pricing is completely transparent.  You can be up and running in just three steps:

    1. Choose a template.
    2. Choose your add-ons (optional).
    3. Pay the deposit.*

    Once that's done, we will assign an experienced account manager to you who will contact you to start the process.  An experienced web designer will see your project through from start to finish.

    * Depending on the total order value, you may be required to pay the full amount in advance.

  • Do I own my website?

    You own the front-end design; 100%.

    So that you can edit and add content whenever you like, your website is underpinned by our state-of-the-art Content Management System (CMS).  If you choose to stop using this, we can convert your website into 'static' content, so you can take it with you.

  • Do I need a website?

    A website is your shop-front to the world.  Why trade locally when there's a whole world of possibilities out there?  Having a website is a great way to expand your business and attract new customers; it's a great source of advertising.

    Research suggests it takes a visitor just 10 seconds to form an impression of your company from the look and feel of your website.  All our websites are quick and responsive, so visitors are more likely to trust and recommend you.

  • Who will I be working with?

    You'll be assigned an experienced Project Manager, who will liaise with you to find out your objectives.  They'll convert your requirements into a technical specification so our web development team can make sure they're delivering everything you need.

    If you decide to go for a bespoke solution, or for more complex requirements, then you'll work directly with our Software Engineering team, a Graphic Designer, and your Account Manager.

  • Can I update my website's content?

    Yes!  You'll have access to your Content Management System (CMS), 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It's incredibly easy-to-use, but if you get stuck you can refer to our tutorial videos or ask us for assistance.

    We also run regular training sessions for beginners and more advanced users, which are available to book right now.

  • Why should I choose SIGMA?

    We're passionate about creating beautiful websites and are very proud of what we do.  We specialise in website design, and pride ourselves on doing all of our design and development in-house; we don't outsource any of it!

    You can read testimonials from our clients who have been overwhelmed with our services and our attention to detail.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    Once you have chosen the design and any additional functionalities you'd like for your website the total price will be displayed before you submit your order.  Within the description of the service we also detail the monthly charge for the hosting of your website, which is an all-inclusive package that covers web hosting and support.

  • What is a domain name and what do they cost?

    A domain name is your address on the Internet; it's how visitors access your website.  For example, Google's domain name is google.com and ours is webdesignbysigma.co.uk.

    Domain names vary in price, but if your desired domain name isn't already taken, then it's likely you won't have to spend too much to get hold of it.  They need to be renewed, usually every year, or they will expire and you can potentially lose control of them.  Luckily, we look after all this for you.

  • Can I use my existing domain name?

    That's no problem.  We will help you to 'point' your domain name to our web servers, and within 48 hours* you'll be the proud owner of a shiny new website.

    * It can take up to 48 hours for the changes to your domain name to propagate throughout the world.  It's out of our control, sorry!

  • Can you help me register a domain name?

    Absolutely!  We include a free domain name with all of our web design packages, and manage the process so you don't have to.  We can even help you to decide on a domain name, and as long as the name you desire is currently unregistered we'll grab it for you.

    If the domain name you desire is currently taken, you may be able to acquire it by auction or offering to buy it from the existing owner.  This can be a long and daunting process but we're here to help - please contact us if you need this service.

  • What is 'Who-is Protection'?

    For legal reasons, you must register your details when creating your domain name.  Anyone can use 'Who-is' services to search for a domain name owner's information.  Who-is Protection is a method that stops any users from finding your details, and stops spammers and criminals stealing your information.

    We recommend using 'Who-is Protection' where possible.  Prices can vary, so please contact us for a quotation.

  • Do I need any third-party software to use your services?

    No, all of the creation and administration of your website is done through our Content Management System (CMS) called Multiverse.  All you need is an Internet connection and a modern web browser* to manage your website.  It even works on phones and tablets, so you can manage your site from anywhere!

    * Internet Explorer 10+, Edge 12+, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are supported.

  • My website is down. Help!

    Before contacting our support, please read the below common solutions:

    • Can you access any other websites from the same computer/device?
      If not, please check your device has an active Internet connection.
    • Check if your website will load on another device.
      If you find the problem is with just one device then please clear your cookies and your cache and try reloading the website. If the problem continues after doing this, please contact us so we can help.
    • Check our Service Status - updated every 5 minutes.
      Your server may be down for maintenance, which can take up to 10 minutes.  If after this time you still find you can't connect to your website please contact us as soon as possible so we can resolve this for you.
    • Has your domain name expired?
      Please check your emails to see if you have had an email from your domain registrar.  You may have missed a warning, but there may still be time to renew your domain.

    None of the above?  Send us an email to the address in your support agreement and we will have you back up in a jiffy.

  • Can you design something just for us?

    Sounds like you need our Bespoke Web Design Service.  With in-house graphic design expertise, and a team of skilled web designers and developers we can mould your website around your requirements.

  • Can I change the design of my website?

    There are several ways we can change the look and feel of your website, from colour scheme to layout and spacing.  Most minor changes are usually included in your support and maintenance package.

    If you'd like some large-scale changes due to having re-branded, changed your product or service offering, or if you're just feeling like a change, then get in touch to see what we can do for you.  We want you to be completely happy with your website, now and in the future.

  • What web servers do you use?

    We have a range of web servers running Linux (CentOS 6 and 7), Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS), all housed within state-of-the-art data centres here in the UK.

    All of our servers are backed up every 24 hours to two different locations within the UK, for maximum disaster recovery protection.

  • I'm not a technical person, can you help me?

    We have a 'jargon-free' policy here at SIGMA, so we don't try to baffle you with complex technical words and phrases, and we don't expect you to have to learn any code in order to create and manage your website.

    We guide you through the creation of your website, removing the complexity and scariness from the process; you just tell us what you want and we will do the work for you.

    If you need support once your website is live, we're here to help, and even offer training sessions to help you get to grips with using the Content Management System.

  • I placed an order and I've changed my mind, can I cancel?

    If you're having second-thoughts for any reason, please contact us so that we work with you to iron out any creases or concerns.  If you're still not convinced, we are happy to offer a full refund if your project is still in the information gathering stage.

    If we've started to design and build your website, we may be able to offer you a partial refund.  Please speak to your account manager to request this.

    NB: If you cancel your order, all work on the development of your website will be stopped immediately and we retain all intellectual property rights.

  • Can I link to my social media profiles?

    We've integrated with all the major social networks, including:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google Plus
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest

    You'll be able to decide where the links to social media profiles are displayed on your website, and update them if they change.

  • Can you reset my password?

    There's no need to contact us to reset your password, just click the 'Lost Password' link on the login page.  Enter the email address you use to login and click 'Request Reset'.

    You'll receive an automated email within a few seconds (may take up to 10 minutes) with instructions on what to do next.

    If you can't remember the email address associated with your administrator account please open a Support Request.  You'll be asked to confirm security information, such as date of birth or your aspects of your payment information.  We will never ask for your full card details or your PIN.

  • I can't find an answer to my question.

    Please contact us with your question and we'll be happy to help.