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Web Design for NHS England Events

A bespoke Event Management System that is now in use by NHS Trusts across the UK, facilitating the education of clinicians and the improvement of NHS services.

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Very impressed by their attention to detail, quick responses, and willingness to create a solution that fit our business needs.

Alice Brunton-Reed, Events Manager
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Event Management System

We are delighted to have worked with NHS England to deliver a bespoke website to facilitate best-in-class event management and bookings. Events are now run across the whole of the UK, and built-in geolocation using Google Maps helps direct attendees to the precise event locations. In the first year alone, there have been over 30,000 event bookings.

An unlimited number of Event Manager accounts can be created, and each organiser only has access to manage their own events. They can choose to add customised workshops, and collect dietary and accessibility requirements from attendees.

The project was delivered from start to finish in only four weeks, on-time and to budget. It's a testament to our passionate team, excellence in project management, stakeholder engagement, and professionalism in keeping to our promises.

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Fully Responsive Events Website

Busy clinicians rarely have an opportunity to sit down at a desktop computer or laptop. Thanks to a flawless user experience on tablets and mobiles, clinicians can book onto events using their iPads or any other portable devices.

Everything is optimised for touch, ensuring buttons are always large enough for effortless finger tapping, and the lightning-fast mobile optimisations ensure nobody is left waiting for content to load.

Thanks to an all-inclusive, mobile-first approach, the system is also future-proof as it will work on any new devices regardless of their screen resolution or orientation.

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Works Perfectly on Mobile

Our websites are flawless even on the smallest screen sizes.

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