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Web Design for Philanthropist

A high-impact website that documents the life and achievements of philanthropist and social entrepreneur, Bernie Hollywood OBE, who has raised almost £40 million for charities across the UK and abroad.

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In the first 3 months after go-live we had over 100,000 visitors to the new website... I can't recommend them highly enough!

Bernie Hollywood OBE
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A Unique Website Promoting Incredible Achievements

SIGMA are delighted to work with Bernie Hollywood OBE, a man who has raised millions for charities in the UK and abroad, is a regular speaker for the United Nations, and a thoroughly nice bloke to boot.

We created a hard-hitting, striking website design including custom icons and a brand that is instantly recognisable as being Bernie through and through.

With so many achievements to document, we knew this website needed some out-of-the-box thinking and a lot of creative flare. Combining a great looking parallax effect with intuitive icons, we achieved a home page design that sums Bernie up in a concise and flattering way.

And we didn't stop there. A custom-made, interactive world map showing Bernie's travels is the icing on the cake. For the full experience we highly recommend visiting the live website.

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A Stunning Mobile Web Experience

Bernie's website design delivers the best tablet-based user experience we've created; utilising large, tap-friendly areas that intuitively take you on an immersive journey through the content you're looking for.

Exploring Bernie's adventures on tablet and mobile is great fun, swiping across the interactive world map to see where in the world he's been (pretty much everywhere including the North and South Poles), then tapping on a location marker to find out more information about each incredible journey.

The website's content can be updated at any time using our Content Management System, which is clever enough to automatically optimise the content and imagery for mobile devices without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. 

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Content Update on Mobile

Bernie updates his website content regularly from his mobile phone.

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