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Better Web Design - Forever

Better Web Design Forever

Standing still in the web design industry, even for a moment, means you get left behind.  The same can be said for our clients, who tirelessly run their eCommerce websites to sell products, services and tickets online.

To stay ahead of the game you need a website that can be quickly adapted and flexed to meet your needs today, tomorrow, and next week.  When we released our bespoke Content Management System about a year ago, we started on a journey that will never end; one where we have and always will strive for improvements in design, efficiency and user experience.

Last week saw the official release of version 2.2 of our Multiverse Platform - the technology we've spent nearly 4 years developing to help our clients.

Today sees the successful upgrade of our existing website to this new version, with front-end improvements including (amongst other things):

  • 70% faster load times;
  • Further optimisations for images;
  • Dedicated lower-resolution images specifically for mobile devices;
  • Automated Search Engine Optimisation improvements.

It's all made possible by Multiverse, which couples a simple yet powerful user interface with the latest technologies and optimisation techniques.  We and our clients can manage their website content from any device.  To prove it, this blog post was written on a mobile phone, and it looks great, right?

We've spent the last few days planning out the improvements and new features for version 2.3, and we're very excited about the future.

If you or someone you know has a website that they struggle to update, our system is the answer.

It's so fool proof, even an old fool like me can use it!Steven, The Mersey Beatles

Easier content management is just a phone call away, so why not see how we can transform your website from out-of-date to on-the-pulse?  Give us a call on +44 (0)151 433 3101 or Contact Us.


Published on: 20th October 2015 by Steve