Where to?

Do we ever leave the classroom?

Do We Ever Leave The Classroom

It seems to go so quickly, the children break up from school and before you blink, our Facebook timelines are flooded with first day and back to school photos of children proudly wearing their new school uniforms, shiny shoes and satchels (showing our age maybe there?)

However, you could argue that the digital marketing industry is one big classroom. The area of digital marketing is relatively new and areas such as SEO are always evolving. Staying on top of developments requires on and off-the job learning in order to avoid penalties and poor ranking.

Businesses are becoming more aware of the need to keep up to date. Cast your mind back to a time, not too long ago and it was all about links. Today it falls into two broad categories - real, relevant customer-centered content (or white hat marketing, a popular industry term at the moment) and then of course technical aspects. A wide understanding of these areas as they evolve is all that is required. Sounds easy enough right?

Earlier this year, the face of the industry changed forever when ‘Mobilegeddon’ as it became known as it struck fear into the very heart of the industry, introduced measures that would hinder rankings for sites that were not truly optimized. 

So, just like the first day back at school, where do you begin? There is no one size fits all, no guarantees with Google and every business is different. The best that any business can do is employ the latest techniques or work with a digital marketing or SEO specialist with continued efforts that should be monitored and tweaked over time according to changes and results. Google is not out to trick businesses but rather to provide a great experience for customers, something that we should all be in business to do. Stay focused on that, keep learning, and you won't go far wrong.

Published on: 3rd September 2015 by Steve