Where to?

Flex Your Analytics Muscles this Summer

Are Your Analytic Results Accurate

When did you last check your Google Analytics? It is ok; you can pass on the question for now…we understand that you are busy.

But many people forget that the free tracking tool for your site's vital statistics is easy to use and holds many answers to unlocking more business.

If your business experiences a downturn in activity during the summer months, it can be an ideal time to implement quick wins to improve your digital marketing.

So before you hit the beach, try the following three tips that take no more than 30 minutes. You can even squeeze them in during an ice-lolly break!

  1. The Google Analytics acquisition function tells you exactly where your visitors originated from and can help you to understand what is bringing most visitors to the site. This may be search engines, your social networks or other websites and gives you an informed chance to do more of what is working well.
  2. Secondly, a fresh check on which of your pages has the highest bounce rate will always provide useful results and to help to identify any areas for improvement. You could take this a step further by looking at user flow abilities that are also available - to examine any patterns in the point at which tend people leave your site.
  3. Finally, a quick examination of your search keyword data will reveal what people are looking for when they arrive at your site. It is then a good idea to make any popular searches your identify through this more prominent on your website through your content.

So get started…and if you want to learn more about SEO and analytics, contact us today.

Published on: 17th July 2015 by Steve Ingley