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Is Digital Marketing T-shaped?

Is Digital Marketing T Shaped

Many of us in marketing have heard the concept of the T-Shaped Marketer over recent years. A skills-based model that experts recommend needs to be adopted by businesses operating within the digital age.

It seems as though, almost overnight, traditional marketers needed to become digital experts as the lines increasingly blurred between offline and online marketing. Looking back, in fact, it is hard to pinpoint the day when we became accustomed to a constant state of adaptation.

The idea of the T-Shaped Marketer is based on the idea that an individual has a broad knowledge of all areas of marketing and a deep knowledge of one or maybe two areas. As we move towards the much discussed age of omni-channel marketing where the ultimate aim is to understand and act on customer behaviour in real time with a precise level of speed and agility, how should a marketing function be set up to achieve this?

Let’s look at the question from the point of view as an agency although the same would apply to an internal marketing department. From research to SEO and customer retention, when truly working with each other, an integrated team with multiple skill sets can bring innovative and exciting solutions that are uniquely suited to clients. So is a team of T-shapers not just a term for complementary skilled marketing professionals working together?

The best teams remain focused on learning and know themselves and their strengths inside and out. Involving people at every stage of the campaign and recognising where resource gaps need to be plugged with creative or outside solutions has proven to be a successful formula at Web Design by SIGMA. Great things happen when every member of the team understands where their piece fits in the puzzle, even if that does keep changing…

Published on: 1st June 2015 by Sue Ollerhead