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Magic, or clever Digital Marketing?

Cleaver Digital Marketing

It’s a sign; it must be fate. I should get that job, go on that holiday, buy that expensive piece of furniture - because I keep seeing it on every website. Someone is surely trying to tell me something, right?

Well, we hate to be a killjoy but maybe not. Far be it for us to dampen your spirits or stamp out your romantic beliefs in serendipity but these days, rather than a message sent to you directly through millions of light-years from the Universe, it is more likely to be a case of remarketing; one of the most useful tools in the digital marketing professional's repertoire today.

You may have noticed that the last time you shopped for a certain product on eCommerce Websites, that adverts can then follow you around for quite a while. Remarketing is when businesses place adverts in front of clients who have been on their website, essentially giving a second chance to close the deal with indecisive customers.

So how can you put this method to work for your clients, to sell more of your products or services online or build your online brand awareness.

The technique is based on visits to your website being tagged with a cookie when potential clients visit your site or specific pages, and this allows you to then retarget them with messages on millions of affiliated websites that are available on the Google Display Network – essentially encouraging those prospects to come back and convert to a sale or enquiry.

At Web Design by SIGMA, our specialist remarketers use established techniques to understand how your customers behave whilst on and before leaving your website, and can work with you to implement a remarketing strategy that will improve your bottom-line and advertising investment.

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Published on: 10th June 2015 by Steve Ingley