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Pazzo Vero: An Audacious Fashion Website

Pazzo Vero Bespoke Website Design

Pazzo Vero is a start-up Fashion Designer business based in Liverpool. They contacted us to get a bespoke website to match the luxury products that they would like to sell, using our in-house ecommerce system. The main idea behind the business is to provide a website where both the customer and potential suppliers would be able to place their orders.

Client Requirements

 During the early days of the project, we had to establish a few key points with the client:

  • Their Main Goal/Purpose for the website;
    • To sell their product to their consumers and suppliers
    • To advertise their products and raise awareness of their band
  • How they want their website to come across;
    • Bold and vivacious yet elegant with a premium feel
    • Light, friendly and welcoming

The key point they wanted their users to take away once they have visited their website was a sense of luxury, and the reassurance that they are buying from a luxury brand. You can’t expect to be able to sell a luxury product if your website doesn’t provide a luxury look and feel.


Project Plan and Results

Our first job was to come up with a colour scheme that would work best for this type of website. Darkly-coloured websites generally aren’t as welcoming and look outdated much quicker than their lighter counterparts, so that helped us narrow down our selection. During the beginning the client requested us to use a combination of white and green, having most areas of the website white and decorate it with lime-green decals. However, it soon became apparent that the contrast between white and green was very harsh on the eyes. It was a mutual decision between us and the client to change the colour scheme to white and grey as these two colours complement each other and are aesthetically pleasing.

Soon after, we had to decide upon the website’s layout. Our content management system is heavily influenced by Google’s Material Design concept (all elements on the website come across as being flat, fluent and coherent; almost as though everything is made from a section of paper/card, popped in to place and beautifully responsive), which works well for the majority of websites that we produce, but challenging in this instance. We had to make this website stand out from the rest and take a new approach to what we’re used to, which is a good thing as it allows us to reproduce similar tactics and methods used in the future. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with our menu system, we decided to remove the background colour for it. This produced a sleek yet user-friendly interface that our client was happy with. To complement the menu’s looks we incorporated a couple of lines of JavaScript to help the user know which menu-item was currently selected, this was done by having the element’s bottom border slowly fade in as the mouse is hovering over it. This bottom border was coloured to match the grey-decal colour that we agreed upon earlier.

The rest of the website came almost naturally now that our focal-point was created. We were able to mould our in-house Content Management System, Multiverse, to suit the client’s specification and needs. The use of our eCommerce system allowed for us to seamlessly introduce new products to their website, have them priced quickly and allow the user to purchase them hassle-free. The final design was put on to our beta-testing servers and a link was given to the client, and we were ready to make any minor amendments and take feed-back on finished product and prepared to take notes on what we could have done differently and in what areas we could improve for the future. Just as we expected, they were happy with their bespoke eCommerce website. We were able to provide a bespoke design that they were happy with within the time-frame that they required. We have gained a lot of useful experience from working on this website as it has given us an insight on how the fashion industry need their websites tailored to suit them.  In the past we have mainly created eCommerce sites suited to a smaller audience, rather than international.


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Published on: 3rd August 2018 by Matt