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Should We Bomb IS or IE?

Whats Better Is Or Ie

It’s nearly 2016, and the Web Design industry is still being held back by the seemingly unending use of almost 10 year old technology; Internet Explorer 7, which is currently only used by 0.1% of users worldwide.  The biggest culprits are public sector bodies that are either unwilling or unable to upgrade computers and software due to budget cuts or legacy software that simply doesn’t work on newer browsers.

The government chose not to renew their support deal with Microsoft for Windows XP, which expired in April 2015 leaving computers exposed to hackers and malware.  Meanwhile, they’re dropping £100,000 bombs on Syria on a daily basis.  For each bomb dropped, around 200 new computers could be purchased, making our infrastructure more secure and maybe even wiping out IE7 for good.  Maybe the money would be better spent replacing legacy software as well?

Web Designers & Developers Need to Wise-up

Web designers and software developers should have a moral obligation to ensure that their systems are able to be used in the latest browsers.  I’ve seen it myself all-too-often in my previous roles in the NHS, where there has been a willingness to upgrade but this hasn’t been possible as it would make existing, mission-critical software unusable.

As I see it, part of the problem is the Microsoft eco-system that perpetuates and to some extent mandates the use of its own technology.  Many developers of .NET, ASP, C etc. use Internet Explorer as the built-in browser for their software applications, rather than opening it up to other browsers.  Why, I hear you ask?  I imagine the main reason is because it’s more cost-effective to only have to test and support the application in one browser, but this approach is consistently and systematically limiting progress.

Open Source Web Development

As a Web Design agency, HTML5 and CSS3 are the most exciting things to happen in terms of advancements in technology for a decade, but we still find ourselves spending a depressing amount of time having to create “fall-back” styles and java to prevent IE7 from imploding…and for 0.1% of the population.

It is our policy to ensure that the websites and systems we develop for our clients are fully-compatible with the latest browsers, whether that’s IE, Firefox, Chrome or any other.  We also only use Open Source technology, such as PHP for web development and MySQL for lightning-quick databases; so there’s no outrageous licensing fees with a website design from Sigma Technology.  Please get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote if this is of interest to you.

It’s not my intention to trivialise the bombing of Syria with this blog—it’s probably best not to get me started on that particular topic—but surely in this period of austerity the money would be better spent elsewhere.

Published on: 9th December 2015 by Steve