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We Are Going International

International Web Design

We work with clients across the UK, but usually in and around the North West. Today we've taken a giant step; out of the country and across Europe to the Fatherland! German-based Mantzioς Architektur have commissioned us to create a unique web design to showcase their architectural achievements.

The website will be available in three languages; English, German and Greek. So we've done our research, and planned out how best to create international, translatable content that is Search Engine friendly and also easy to navigate.

Web Design for International Markets

Over the next couple of months we will be adding some fantastic new functionality to our home-grown Content Management System, Multiverse.  We have included this internationalisation (or I18N as it's known by us geeks) in the scope of the next release.

It's an incredibly exciting time for us, both in terms of starting to export our services to Europe, and that we will be building some incredibly powerful functionality on top of our already fantastic product. Our Blog is almost certainly going to be a bit quiet for a few weeks whilst we concentrate all of our efforts on this upgrade. As always, this new functionality will be available to all of our valued clients as a free upgrade.

It's all part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in everything we do!

Published on: 6th January 2016 by Steve