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Why Do I Need A Website?

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A question many, if not all, new small business owners ask themselves.  Not too deep down you know it’s pretty essential to have a website (although the waters are muggy as to why exactly), but is it something you need to spend money on when you’ve already got so much to do with your limited resources?  More so, why pay someone else to do it when there are plenty of ‘do-it-yourself’ website building websites available?

Here’s a breakdown of why you really should consider commissioning a website, and consider it money very well spent.


More customers

People will look for you online; 3.8 billion people use the internet every day. European usage accounts for 17% of that. That’s a lot of potential new customers. If your business doesn’t have an online presence how are people meant to find you?

Source: internetworldstats



Think about it, what’s one of the first things you do when you’re looking to buy something, whether it be a product or service?  You ‘Google it’ (or any other search engine of your choice, of course). 

55% of consumers report they research online reviews with 47% visiting a company website during their consideration phase before moving to the final stage of purchasing. Not showing up on search engine websites is a quick way of losing out, not to mention make your business look out of date and untrustworthy.

Hiring someone to build your website will further increase your credibility as they’ll create a professional, fully-functioning and fully-responsive website that offers visitors an enjoyable user experience. Particularly important for home-based small businesses (which many businesses start off as) that don’t have a traditional store front to promote to consumers.

Source: assets


Anchor for your marketing

When running any marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and generate sales, you need to steer people to where your services, products and general information is. Not being able to means even the most well thought out campaigns are left floundering.


Positive impact to local economy

A somewhat common misconception is that a professional website is only for a company that’s on a national or global scale. If that were the case, why would Google return results based on the searcher’s location? Adding “near me” to a search wouldn’t be a thing and local businesses wouldn’t benefit.

An interesting stat for you -  Google has the monopoly within the search engine world, boasting 4.4 billion daily searches worldwide.

Source: smartinsights


Improves customer relations

Centralising all the information your customers, new or existing, could possibly ever want inevitably improves your relationship with them. Simple things like having an FAQ section and an easy to complete contact form shows you’re not messing about being in business; you’re prepared, organised, dedicated and can think like one of your customers.

Not only does having a website help to build strong customer relationships, it saves you a lot of time. That quick 5-minute phone call to a customer explaining your delivery time frames may not seem all that much, but what about one 5-minute call a day, every working day. Over the month that adds up, and that’s just one customer call a day!


Free up time

Commissioning a web design company to do the initial design, set-up, SEO and everything in between means you don’t have to get your head around how to design and create a website. No headaches trying to get your site to look how you envisaged means you can concentrate on all the other tasks on your never-ending to-do list!


And they are some of the top reasons why every small business should seriously consider commissioning a professional website. If you’re ‘getting around’ to getting a website, don’t put it off any longer – it’s costing you business.

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Published on: 4th December 2017 by Rachel