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Friendship, Facebook & FOMO: Your guide to choosing a Digital Agency

Friendship Facebook Fomo Your Guide To Choosing A Digital Agency

In the age of digital disruption, emerging technology is touching every part of our lives and changing how we shop, learn and connect with each other.

Having a high-performing website and well-executed digital marketing strategy is more important than ever before. As your global sales team, 24-hour information resource and the key channel for representation of your brand, it is essential to get it right.

In an earlier post, we discussed the concept of T-Shaped marketers, a concept that industry commentators are calling the ideal model and make-up of marketing and communications teams today. From design and social media, to email campaigns and inbound marketing, it is a jungle out there. Perhaps you have already concluded that your business could use some outside help and don't know where to start?

We need to do Facebook!”

“Should we be sending newsletters?”

“We need to be at the top of Google.”

We hear these pleas often, and although there is a place for FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Marketing, if you have made the decision to invest in a resource, now is the time to think really critically about the role that an agency could play in achieving your business objectives and how it could add overall value to your team.

If you are looking to engage with a marketing, web or digital agency for the first time, the choice on offer can sometimes be overwhelming. There is no longer one-size fits all, and it is vital to establish which skill set suits your requirement.

That being the case, a simple starting point is to outline what you need the agency for. Take a look at clients, by looking through client lists, case studies, LinkedIn recommendations and testimonials. Some agencies may also be happy for you to contact their existing clients with prior agreement.

It's a cliché - but 'people do buy from people' and the importance of compatibility with an agency cannot be over emphasised. Cultural fit is key and those who will be involved with the relationship should be able to imagine that a medium to long-term relationship could develop easily with the account managers. Equally as important is an understanding of your aims and objectives.

You can often get an overview of how the agency aims to tackle your key priority areas with through the presentation and content of their creative or project pitch. Dave Chaffey, CEO and Co-Founder of Smart Insights suggest that businesses should look for passion that is combined with the good processes to make the decision.

And of course, we cannot fail to mention budget. You are in business and there is a bottom-line. Time is also precious, so when requesting proposals, be clear on any restrictions you have from the outset and choose to work with an agency that operates fair and transparent pricing from the outset. This will help to save a lot of valuable time.

There are many digital agencies out there so it is important that you choose the right one for you. An early icebreaker may be to ask your shortlist of agencies to take a look at your existing website and recommend actionable improvements.

Here at Web Design by Sigma, we are more than happy to provide a free review of your website and would love to find out if we can help with a no obligation discussion. Get in touch and we will buy the coffee (or the ice lollies - if this weather continues).

Published on: 7th July 2015 by Steve Ingley